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Welcome to Positive Thinking3 where you can learn, develop and get excited about life.

My name is Dave and I’m glad you found my website. This will evolve and increase in value over time. Perhaps should look into creating a cryptocurrency on it.

That’s a mindset you can use. If you were to create a cryptocurrency based on anything from your life or life altogether, how would you improve so the value of it goes up?


If comparing life now to back then, there’s no comparison. Grew up quiet, shy, insecure with no direction. People meant well but everything I was told or learned didn’t go anywhere. Life was completely stale and boring until I decided to take action and improve myself.

In the early 2000’s I started studying from a relationship expert online. Subscribed to his newsletter, read many of the emails and purchased a few DVD sets. The education didn’t cure me but opened a new way of thinking which got me success stories. Some of those I could have never accomplished if it wasn’t for what I learned. At this point I realized anything’s possible and who knows what else I can accomplish.

Over the years I kept researching, coming up with ideas and seeing what works.


Life can be tough and complicated without any direction. There’s so much information out there which doesn’t help us at all. I truly believe you deserve to live an amazing life and I want to help get you there.


My goal with this website is to provide as much valuable information as possible to help you live an amazing life.

You are an important person who can make a difference in the world today and I mean that!

But I need your help.

Please share this website with the people you care about most.
I want your loved ones to experience amazing things as well.

We want to develop a community of strong positive thinkers. Feel free to comment on the posts and communicate with others. The more who experience this website, the more of an impact we can have on the world today!

Feel free to say “hi” below.

All the best,



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