Be A Calm Person

Be a calm person because calmness brings peace and relaxation to our lives. With the constant craziness we can choose to respond negatively or positively. As we know it’s not about what happens but how you respond which matters most.

A good example would be what happened recently. I was with my woman on a beautiful day and we wanted to sit on a patio. We ended up visiting a restaurant and upon entering a small lineup formed behind us. The hostess brought the people in front to their table and when she returned, she didn’t realize we were there and went to the next pair behind us.

After getting to our table we only saw our waitress once. After giving us our menus she never made her return. Later we saw a different waitress and placed our order with her. She apologized about our wait and said she’ll place our orders.

Ten minutes passed and we haven’t received our drinks yet. I joked saying our order was never placed in the system. THEN we detected our original waitress nearby. After serving a table she walked in our direction and ended up walking by without noticing we were there. She completely forgot about us.

Restaurant was just under a quarter full. Very hard not to notice people who are present.

In a table near us a couple joined another and one said make sure not to order food here because the service is horrible. Minutes later their orders were placed and their drinks were served.

I laughed and said let’s get out of here. She forgot to place our order.

As we reached for the exit the hostess said “Thank you for visiting. Have a good day!” I smiled and said to my woman “At least someone noticed we were here.

Overall it was an amazing experience because we got to sit on a patio for 27.6 minutes without having to order anything. It provided us with a funny story on terrible customer service.

I guess some businesses aren’t interested in making money.

Throughout our time there we were calm and enjoyed the moment.

Another example of calmness is at the workplace. Jobs can be stressful and annoying. But try to never let it get to your head. From the beginning to end of your shift try to stay calm and relaxed.

If you need inspiration for being calm, think of a Hollywood star who plays a calm character (Ryan Gosling is a good example) or for movie characters think James Bond.

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